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Ministry in Digital Spaces blog

Everyone Has an Online History 1/17/17. Naming how online experiences have shaped us and are just as real as offline ones.

D&D as Evangelism 1/31/17. How make-believe is ministry.

Communicating Digitally (2) (3) 2/10/17. Communicating online is different, but just as valid. We choose and build our communities, and share life in different ways.

Finding Allies 5/2/17. Entering online spaces with a posture of integration and bridge-building.

HASTAC Scholars blog

Interview with Lisa Nakamura 9/19/16. Everyone has an everyday digital life, and these connections reveal invisible relationships of power and identity.

Emerging Scholars Network blog

Writing as a Spiritual Discipline 2/19/17. Analog writing is a practice that’s brought me a lot of life.

Summer Snapshot 7/23/16. Why I chose to do ministry instead of  pursuing graduate school.

Urbana15 liveblog series, 12/30/15:

The Vocation of Law and Global Mission. Liveblog of an Urbana15 seminar: how can legal knowledge and experience bring justice to contexts outside the US?

Avoiding Cultural Domination and Neo-Colonialism in Western Missions. Liveblog of an Urbana15 seminar: How can Western missionaries avoid creating imbalances of power between themselves and those they’re serving, and how can missionaries prepare for situations of disagreement with humility?